Ufc 156 steroids

Clean sport? GIVE UP. All these health ailments that these supposed steroids cause will naturally be the punishment for the athlete. Athletes have been doing roids for years, and yet I hear about more celebs dying from ’s than any proven steroid cause of death to athletes. Is it bad for them? Whatever. Can it be stopped? No. The best possible impediment would be random testing. Do I care if they roid up? No, it is there are also taking punches,knees,kicks to the can’t be good for allow that. To say what if a guy on roids kills another guy is silly. Be assured if there are any deaths, more deaths will occur while people are not on steroids. With that said, most pro athletes have used steroids. Some people think it is unfair to say that a guy like Overeem does steroids because he is so huge. Of course he does steroids. There is nothing wrong with assuming this. People do not get that big naturally. Bob Sap- steroids. Sherkk, steroids, Ken Shamrock steroids. People just like to believe that you can get that big naturally. No you can’t.

1. def. John Dodson at UFC on Fox: Johnson vs. Dodson on Jan 26, 2013
2. def. John Moraga at UFC on Fox: Johnson vs. Moraga on Jul 27, 2013
3. def. Joseph Benavidez at UFC on Fox: Johnson vs. Benavidez 2 on Dec 14, 2013
4. def. Ali Bagautinov at UFC 174 on June 14, 2014
5. def. Chris Cariaso at UFC 178 on Sep 27, 2014
6. def. Kyoji Horiguchi at UFC 186 on Apr 25, 2015
7. def. John Dodson at UFC 191 on Sep 5, 2015
8. def. Henry Cejudo at UFC 197 on Apr 23, 2016
9. def. Tim Elliott at The Ultimate Fighter: Tournament of Champions Finale on Dec 3, 2016
10. def. Wilson Reis at UFC on Fox: Johnson vs. Reis on Apr 15, 2017

That was the text I received this morning from a friend who is very much a casual MMA fan regarding last night’s UFC 156 . Even though I assumed that my friend was talking about the end result of Bigfoot vs. Overeem, that statement could just as easily apply to almost any other fight on the card. We’re all familiar with the cliché that any fighter can beat anyone else on any night at this level, but we rarely see the underdogs win as frequently – and as convincingly – as they did last night. Simply put, it was an awful night for the guys who were supposed to win.

Ufc 156 steroids

ufc 156 steroids


ufc 156 steroidsufc 156 steroidsufc 156 steroidsufc 156 steroidsufc 156 steroids