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You can also get netflow data from Cisco ASA firewalls but be warned since Cisco heavily modified the netflow data format for the ASA firewall. One tool that does understand the Cisco-modified format is ManageEngine’s Netflow Analyzer. That one is a free download and runs as the full product for 30 days then reverts to a stripped down free product. Or you can get the Cisco tools for manging the ASA but they are more expensive. I don’t know if Nagios has a plugin that understands the Cisco ASA version of netflow but I would guess the commercial salesguys would be more than happy to answer that question.

The personal shopping assistants were a luxury of the rich or famous once upon a time. Artificial Intelligence has shaken up this scenario and in the process, revolutionized e-commerce. This conversational and intelligent technology has extended to customer service as well. The chatbots and personal digital shopping assistants can suggest the best available products to new visitors in a manner similar to humans, recommend new deals to your returning customers, answer the queries of a customer and provide suggestions, and alert customers when products they may prefer to purchase come into stock or change in price.

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