Treating rheumatoid arthritis with steroids

There is a subset of DMARDs called biologic response modifiers . These drugs target specific parts of the immune system that trigger inflammation. One might target and block TNF inhibitors or the activation of T cells, which all plays a role in causing inflammation in the joints. By blocking specific steps in the process, these drugs prevent the entire immune response from being wiped out and vulnerable at once. This greatly reduces the risk of infection. Biologic agents are typically prescribed along with other medications to effectively fight RA symptoms.

A nurse or assistant mixes the powdered form of the Remicade with sterile water. The solution is injected into a large bag of sterile clear water for the infusion. Tubing is connected to the bag and the bag is attached atop an IV pole. The nurse then applies a tourniquet over an arm that has a visible vein. The vein is rubbed with alcohol and a fine needle catheter is inserted into the vein. (A catheter is a plastic tube with an attachment on one end into which tubing can be attached. This poke into the vein to insert the catheter is very similar to the feeling of having blood drawn.)

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Treating rheumatoid arthritis with steroids

treating rheumatoid arthritis with steroids


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