Steroids use in boxing

As Dr. Fost pointed out in the quotations above, sports are games, invented by humans , with arbitrary rules that are constantly changing . When the American swimmer Janet Evans won a gold medal in the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, she wore a so-called "slime suit", a greasy swimsuit that had been developed in secret, which slashed her time. At that same Olympics, the Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson was stripped of his gold medal because he had failed a test for steroids. Evans won praise for using an unnatural assist, Johnson was vilified for using an unnatural assist. Drugs are chemicals that change the body, but so are special training diets; so is Lasik surgery; so, for that matter, is Gatorade.

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Remember, nothing is alleged to--or can have--happened to all of MLB over some one or two seasons: the claim is that PEDs were being used at a slowly but steadily increasing rate (and thus "distorting records") from very roughly 1980 through the present. Were that so, or anything like it, we would expect to see a clear long-term uptrend during this period. But we don't: we see a nearly flat line that, if anything, slopes slightly down. The "boost" just isn't there. But that doesn't seem to stop anyone from talking about it.

Steroids use in boxing

steroids use in boxing


steroids use in boxingsteroids use in boxingsteroids use in boxingsteroids use in boxingsteroids use in boxing