Steroids r 4 losers

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yeah adam is right. you cant just one day say yep im going to the gym and work out my biceps for the next 4 hours. no not going to happen. takes a lot time of training to build yourself up to a routine such as jay’s. really cant stand the people who jump to conclusions. oh he has huge muscles, he is on steroids. no. do your homework before you open your mouth. in order to compete for mr. olympia, you are rigirously tested for steroids and drugs. plus steroid users have insanely bloated stomachs and really bad back and thigh acne. muscletech makes some phenomenal products. find you a good stack and eat 4 to 6 well balanced meal with loads of protein and calories , you to can build up to a hardcore routine like that.

Steroids r 4 losers

steroids r 4 losers


steroids r 4 loserssteroids r 4 losers