Steroid refractory asthma

The Company accepts ESR submissions via our submission tool -  ES²ROS. Access to ES²ROS, information on the available products/compounds, and the associated areas of interest for ESR can be found on this page. Please follow the instructions to register a user name and password to access the tool. 

The non-Company researcher should submit either a clinical ESR proposal or a non-clinical ESR protocol. Research proposals and protocols are reviewed on a regular basis by Company Review & Evaluation Groups, which include members from Medical, Biostatistics, and Regulatory functions. Decisions are typically communicated within 45 days of receipt of a complete submission.

Once a clinical ESR proposal is reviewed and approved, the non-Company researcher will be invited to submit a full protocol for review. Please note, approval of a proposal does not imply or guarantee approval of a protocol.

Steroid refractory asthma

steroid refractory asthma


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