Steroid filled ferrets sold as poodles

Hi everyone and thank you Dr Finch. My Boston who is my “service-dog” and 9 years old has Cushings and I am worried there is pain involved with this disease. I have not started her on any meds yet because her Vet said it would eventually kill off her adrenaline glands and then ultimately cause her death. I feel like I am doing the wrong things with Bojangles in that I have not been treating the disease but rather putting up with her symptoms and I do not want her to suffer. She has “insanity-anxiety” attacks whenever there is food around. We change her water bowl zillions of times a day. I sometimes get so frustrated that I lose my patience with her and I certainly do not like getting frustrated. I feel like my best friend in the whole world is sick and I can’t fix it. We use to be very close and now for her comfort she is in my husbands lap most of the time which is her only solace. Dr Finch what should I do?
I sometimes find her in the middle of the night on the cold floor and she will be icy to touch. The other hard thing is the belly weight has made her breathing tube squashed so it creates excessive mucous and she hacks constantly. We were told to treat this disorder with childrens benadryl.
Any advice would be be helpful. The vets are so expensive around here but I want her helped. Can you tell me if she is in pain?
Thank You
Bonnie D
Vancouver WA

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Hello, we are in the process of trying to re-home our two Great Dane James P Sullivan and mike wazaski sadly I have to come to term with we can’t afford them I have had both of them since they were babies and it breaking my heart to even think I have to let them go. But the vet bills are adding up along with my back injury I can’t even go on walks with them it hard for me to even love of them.. the amount of grief I have that I am doing this and the depression I have over this .. I keep telling my self that it’s just excuses that you have but they need land and room to play and a life other then being inside and no walks I hope they have a better life.. I am personally trying to find someone to take them along with the lady that I bought Mikey thru she is helping me .. I just want them to have a better life then I could give them .. we also have a jack Russell’s she is not being re-homed just cause I can deal with her a lot easier then the two boys .. I feel like the worst person in the world .. that I should be re- homes not them ..

Steroid filled ferrets sold as poodles

steroid filled ferrets sold as poodles


steroid filled ferrets sold as poodlessteroid filled ferrets sold as poodlessteroid filled ferrets sold as poodles