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This defensive maneuver is used when a wrestler is thrown over the top rope. While being thrown over the wrestler grabs the top rope with both hands and holds on so that he ends up dangling from the top rope but not landing on the apron or on the floor. The wrestler then proceeds to lift his legs over his head and rotates his body back towards the ring to go back over the top rope and into the ring, landing in the ring on his feet. The wrestler can also perform a head scissor hold or a type of kick to strike an opponent on the inside to throw him over. This is a tactic that can be deployed Royal Rumble or Battle Royal matches to save themselves from being eliminated, or to set up another springboard maneuver or a top rope maneuver in a normal match. This move was made famous by Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat and Shawn Michaels .

DOES IT STILL EXIST? The American art of Guided Chaos is NOT tai chi. But it applies internal principles for combat in a free-form, dynamic way that many high-level tai chi instructors have said is closer to true "combat tai chi" than any other martial tai chi fight training available.

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"John Perkins has mastered the real world application of Combat Tai Chi"

---Dr. Drew Miller, Coordinator of Degerberg Martial Arts Academy, Chicago Illinois, former senior student of Tai Chi Master Wayson Liao. Owner 1st Army Military Supply

Stepping down steroids

stepping down steroids


stepping down steroidsstepping down steroidsstepping down steroidsstepping down steroidsstepping down steroids