High estrogen symptoms steroids

Rosemary  essential oil is said to aid in managing estrogen levels by stimulating blood flow to the brain, encouraging proper thyroid functioning and strengthening the immune system. This powerful antioxidant can also stimulate hair growth as well as improve memory and ease muscle pain, which means it may also combat some of the symptoms of estrogen dominance you’re experiencing too. Research has found that 100% pure rosemary essential oil can even inactive estrogen hormones. Rutgers University experts evaluated the effects of a rosemary extract on lab mice and discovered that a 2% rosemary diet “increased liver microsomal oxidation and glucuronidation,” a process involved in Xenobiotic metabolism. It especially affected estradiol and estrone in the uterus. Estradiol is considered an aggressive form of estrogen that is mimicked by cancer-causing xenoestrogens in the body.

Can someone help me out? How long can someone estrogen remain “out of balance”? Did a test cycle one year ago, 500mg test e a year a go, started ai in week 4, dropped Ai for pct. nolva/clomid pct 40/100 for two weeks and 20/50 for two weeks. I was told to pin my hcg on two shots during pct. what would this do to my estrogen levels? My symptoms are Mostly Mild but include soft erections,cystic acne, anxiety, creaky joints, slight libido change and at times I’m emotional. I thought that my it could be high estero so I took .25 mg of arimidex eod for two weeks, felt a tad bit of relief but I’m convinced it was placebo because they feeling of normalness went away after a few days. Went to the doctor and everything is with in normal range. They won’t test my estro though. The reason why I’m asking is because I want to do another cycle and just restart again. I have not felt normal in a while, but just very subtly. HELP

High estrogen symptoms steroids

high estrogen symptoms steroids


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