Dna fitness steroids

I ran DNA Ostarine (15-30mgperday) and Andarine (EVERY DAY at 50mg) for 7 weeks - never ran AAS or ProH so this was my 1st ever cycle. I'll review them both together as I dont know what was doing what. Pros: Great for muscle hardening, FANTASTIC fat burning qualities and good mood/sense of well-being. Just to emphasize the first 2 points - my lats are now way more prominant, chest is rock solid, visible abs for first time ever. My goal btw was a "cut/recomp" and I absolutely look/am FAR leaner.
Cons: Disappointed with strength gains HOWEVER this is maybe due to my calorie deficit diet. Also this combo WAS/IS quite suppressive (I had bloods done). 30mg of Osta was too much for me but then again I'm like 160lbs. I'm using PROPER SERMS and rejuvenate as PCT.
Overall happy with results, only slight S4 vision sides hence why I ran for 7 days a week.

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Dna fitness steroids

dna fitness steroids


dna fitness steroidsdna fitness steroidsdna fitness steroidsdna fitness steroidsdna fitness steroids