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Born in Beijing on 10th December 1960, after her playing career she moved on to coaching. She coached the USA volleyball team from 2005 until the end of the Beijing Olympics of 2008 in which the USA team, under her leadership, won a silver medal (losing out to Brazil in the final). During the same competition, her USA team faced and beat the Chinese women’s team of her home country 3-2 in a widely publicised match attended by both the then Presidents Hu Jintao and George W Bush. She resigned from the USA team in 2008, citing family reasons, and now coaches China’s women’s team. Despite what may be seen as a slightly controversial period coaching the USA team, she is revered in China for being one of China’s first world champions. Her achievements are seen as particularly significant since she was one of the first gold medalists at the Olympics in a sport that wasn’t considered to be a Chinese speciality (like Ping Pong).

Major Chinese Internet portals have signed coverage deals with to be Internet Content Services Sponsors: , , Tencent and . CCTV has joined with these online partners to run an interactive website offering streaming video broadcasts of events, which will be viewable only in China, and web profiles through which users can contact Olympic athletes. Officials expect 10m to 20m internet users to watch the Olympic Games in China via video streaming . 102m people had watched the games online in China, according to Timo Lumme, marketing director for the IOC . [25] Phoenix TV broadcast the Opening Ceremony

Chinese olympic athletes steroids

chinese olympic athletes steroids


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