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Our GPS Specialists deliver the complete portfolio of GPS Business Programs. They personalize the programs in order to meet the needs of sophisticated business clients by relying on their own experience and business acumen to enhance core content.
Become a RoundTable Facilitator A Facilitator learns how to implement the RoundTable Methodology in a personal or not-for-profit setting to impact friends, family, and colleagues to bring incremental change. A Facilitator is not a teacher or trainer, but someone with a desire to change themselves and facilitate change in others.
Invite a GPS Specialist GPS Trainers and Specialists are available to assess the needs of your company or organization by implementing the specialized training and experience we've accumulated. Contact a Specialist through the personal contact information given by each individual.
Invite a RoundTable Facilitator Our Trainers and Certified GPS Specialists can come and assess your needs and give your team the tools needed to implement the RoundTable methodology unique to our success.
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Member of the Board
Simon has over 25 years experience in the commodities industry having held senior management positions from an early stage. In 1995, he was General Manager of the Gerald Metals Hong Kong office after which he was promoted to become the General Manager of the Lausanne office in 2000. Simon subsequently joined Trafigura Trading Shanghai in 2006 as manager of the Greater China business. In 2009, he came back to Europe as Trafigura's Global Head of Refined Metals. In 2011, Simon was appointed Member of the Management Board of Trafigura in Geneva where he took responsibility of all trading activities of metals and minerals. He was also named Member of the Board of Impala, Trafigura's key subsidiary covering global logistics and warehousing. Simon retired from Trafigura in 2015 and joined Element Alpha SA in an advisory role and as an investor.

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