Bulking meal plan steroids

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Hi Mario, I started today with 16/8 plan, I had my first meal at 1 pm which was a shake with fruits, then my second meal was at 5 pm was salad, shrimp , some turkey bacon and 1/4 chicken breast. And my third meal will be may be around 8:30 pm or so after my 30 minutes workout will be another shake with 1/2 frozen banana and 1/2 chicken breast.
I really need to lose 35 pounds if not 40 pounds! Do u think that plan is good for me or no?
Are my food choices good?
Do I need to workout fasting? Which I really can’t as I get really nauseous!
Do I need to add carbs to my meals?

Bulking meal plan steroids

bulking meal plan steroids


bulking meal plan steroidsbulking meal plan steroidsbulking meal plan steroidsbulking meal plan steroidsbulking meal plan steroids