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Hi Vic!
I’m 21, 6’2 feet, weight-81 kg. I lost more than 25 kilograms last year(so as you can guess I was quite fat), but even now I still have a protruding gut(not excessively, but still) and annoying belly fat. Somehow while losing weight , this only moderately affected my stomach and muscle is sorely lacking in that department, despite the fact that I do 100 Sit-ups and reverse crunches every day. I completely cut down any sugar(sweet) and try not to eat more than twice a day(I started doing the Intermittent Fasting (IF) routine) Should I diet and exercise in the gym(your Spartan body routine) or as skinny fat eat more(healthy food that is), no IF and with more than two meals per day with some snacking ? Thanks in advance.

In a July post, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said he was “open to working with members of Congress and anyone else” to protect net neutrality. It’s possible that meaningful collaboration is happening behind the scenes—the committee spokesperson told Gizmodo that the companies invited by the committee are participating in backchannel discussions—but it’s annoying that the conversation isn’t happening in a public hearing next week, especially given the overwhelming public interest . Ultimately the result is less transparency for the millions of citizens who’ve followed the net neutrality debate, all because the committee only wanted to speak to CEOs, and the CEOs, perhaps fearing the outcome of a public grilling, refused suck it up and testify.

So, I’m 17. I started training with weights in Dec 2013 with absolutely no knowlege/experiece. I got my squat from 80 to now 145lbs. I can deadlift 160lbs easily. Bench press on and off since my bench is broke. So would you say my beginner gains are gone and I need to use creatine? I am going to buy some whey soon. I am also trying to gain weight. I’m 147 right now. Trying to be 155 by mid-June. Any suggestions to add on to this. I did 5×5 training for almost 10 weeks a few months ago (got me to that heavy squat lol 😉 )

Anabolic cooking pdf dave ruel

anabolic cooking pdf dave ruel


anabolic cooking pdf dave ruelanabolic cooking pdf dave ruelanabolic cooking pdf dave ruelanabolic cooking pdf dave ruelanabolic cooking pdf dave ruel