Altered mass by aar anabolic androgenic research

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Regardless of when you realize or suspect body armor on the AS, immediately move the location of your aim.  Possible alternate bullet placement options (if exposed) include the head, shoulders, armpits, hips, legs or arms (but they can be armored as well), and ankles or feet.  All of these require precision shots against small targets, all of which might be moving.  Having confidence in one’s gear and skill would be essential for such hits, which requires training.  Techniques that might improve accuracy for an armed citizen in such a situation include bracing your body against something to steady your hands, or going to a kneeling or prone firing position if possible.  Again, the chosen carry gun will make such a shot either less or more difficult.  Imagine deciding to engage a moving AS wearing body armor at 20 yards with a derringer or Ruger LCP.

Altered mass by aar anabolic androgenic research

altered mass by aar anabolic androgenic research


altered mass by aar anabolic androgenic researchaltered mass by aar anabolic androgenic researchaltered mass by aar anabolic androgenic researchaltered mass by aar anabolic androgenic research